Testimonials for OPPM


April 15, 2021  

Staff is amazing, very helpful. Front desk girls, thakn you for always answering my questions and being patient. I would definitely recommend to my family and friend's. :)



Feb. 25, 2021  

Stand up firm! Responsive and, most important to me, as honest as you can be.



Feb. 25, 2021  

Honest, procative, and responsive...Great company



Dec. 17, 2020  

I would recommend to anyone looking for a management company.



Dec. 17, 2020  

My wife and I have been searching for apartments and many of the people showing us treated it like they were selling us a car but Anna was different she was super friendly, explained everything, communicated, and treated us like the community. It was like being with a friend instead of apartment agent. She deserves a raise!!



Dec. 24, 2020  

Nothing but positive experiences with this company. Very responsive and great customer service!



Dec. 10, 2020  

Highly professional and responsive, I would recommend to anyone looking for a management company.



Sep. 17, 2020  

I never thought I'd say this but I LOVE this property management company! My husband and I have had to work with nightmare PM companies in the past, and we had a very bad taste in our mouth from them. So much so that when we were looking for a rental in Omaha, we were specifically looking to avoid properties managed my professional PM companies. However, OPPM is by far the most functional & efficient PM company we've ever worked with. Maintenance requests are usually and addressed the next day, all the staff are very friendly and easy to work with, and the online platform they for tenants is very easy to work. Issues have come up wtih our property just as is the case for any rental, but what made OPPM different was how quikly they handled it and how responsive they were. We had to terminate our lease early, and even that process was very easy. We got our security deposit back in less than a week. Just incredible! I'd highly recommend OPPM to renters as well as to property owners. If we're ever back in Omaha, we'll go out of our way to rent from OPPM or have a property managed by them. Thank you for an excellent experience!


Mary Kay

April 3, 2020  

I cannot say enough good things about Omahah Premier Property Management. We live out of town, so we rely heavily on our management company to keep our units profitable and well maintained. We feel extremely lucky that we were abe to find this great management group. Everyone is extremely professional and responsive to questions and concerns. As owners, we 100% trust their judgement, expertise and advice. They care about our tenants as much as we do, and we feel confident that they are also protecting our investment. Brian has been incredible to work with. His problem solving skills are amazing and he is always available to answer any questions. The office staff is kind, attentive and personable. We know that they create a great environment for potential and current renters. Even though we are "small fish" with only 6 units in the Dundee area, OPPM makes us feel as valued as their larger clients.

-Mary Kay


Feb 27, 2020  

I moved my rental units from another management company and before I did I read reviews for OPPM by past tenants who claimed OPPM stole their deposit, etc. I had a bad tenant that damaged my house - OPPM kept their deposit at liquidated damages and it helped to put my property back in rental condition. Finally a mangement Company that supports the property owners. So glad to be working with OPPM, Brian, Bruce, Jaycie and Dana. Great job!